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Story by Emmjay

Taking a leaf from the controversial WA government playbook, the NSW Department of Consumptive Affairs is about to initiate another shark culling operation.  Unlike WA, the NSW shark cull has widespread multiparty support.

The NSW scheme, like WA aims at lowering the risk of serious lacerations to the state’s punters by instigating a long line baited hook approach.  But unlike WA, no marine creatures will be harmed in the cull, the spokesperson alleged.

The Pig’s Arms government reporter, Tua Manne, spoke briefly (he was wearing briefs) with the Departmental spokesperson who outlined the approach.

Apparently the prey who are normally regarded as the predators are energy mining magnates and the bait will be auctioned CSG fracking permits. The Department anticipates that a flurry of ex-Labor apparatchiks, developers, lobbyists, union officials and massively overweight owners of race horses and professional sporting teams, will be attracted to the bait.

In a clever piece of COAG collaboration, the baits will be trawled from the sterns of inflatable unsinkable rescue craft heading across apparently dangerous marine shark infested waters in the Timor Sea.  The Department is intending to cast off the lines in the general vicinity of the Indo-international maritime border – and who can tell what might happen after that.

Conservationists are concerned that undiscerning marine sharks could unwittingly sample the school of reptiles and white shoe sharks and risk toxic scum poisoning. And not surprisingly, schools of accountant and legal suckerfish are gathering in keen anticipation of a feeding frenzy.