Many patrons of the Pig’s Arms, including myself, have expressed dismay at the recent blood letting in the front bar and for this, I would like to extend my apologies to any patron who feels badly treated.

Most pubs have a blow up from time to time.  Fortunately nobody here has lost a life so far but let’s hope our bouncer Crispin Bacon returns from his stint in the Sydney CBD soon.  Far be it for me to Barry O’Farrellise the Pig’s Arms though and there will, as usual be no closing time here.

Moderating a blog is both time consuming and challenging – balancing a desire for maintaining a venue for free speech with a need to maintain mutual respect amongst individuals, if not always for ideas espoused in the pub. And in moderation, it is very important to not stonewall and kill conversations – a point apparently lost at the ABC.

In the nearly five years that the Pig’s Arms has been open – continuously – we have seen thousands of articles posted, over 400,000 views and around 100,000 comments – although it’s hard to be certain because we need to delete old discussions on the dot and the dump so that the performance doesn’t grind to a halt.

Throughout this time and massive communication space, we have run free (mostly) and I would like to publicly thank Gez, Voice and Hung (also for his brilliant renovations) for their sterling contributions to the administration and moderation effort at the Pig’s Arms. 

However, in the end, the responsibility for maintaining lora norder falls with yours truly.    There can be no ambiguity fielding in slips. As a result, I will be assuming sole admin and moderation duties.

We will return to the mutual respect model whereby comments will be automatically permitted until a commenter plays the man – or woman – instead of the idea – after which that person goes onto a moderation list.

Since I do not have unlimited time to moderate comments I will attempt to cover the bases twice or thrice a day – so expect some delay if you’re an overly contentious, abusive bastard 🙂  Behave and your comments go up more or less immediately.

Fair enough ?

Right.  Drinks on me.