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PrawnsSpicy prawns – raw tiger prawns cooked a bit more until legs are crisp.  Finger licking good.

Kebabs Kebabs –  quick and easy.  Large cubes of lamb from the leg or oyster blade beef marinated with a little olive oil, salt, garlic, lemon, oregano and paprika.  The paprika makes everything stick nicely.   Cook under grill.

Chicken Curry My ‘regular’ chicken curry.  Photo misses the papadums in another big bowl.


Malay satays.  Done with lamb and cooked over coals.  Marinated for 1-2  days.  Plan ahead dish.

prawn cocktail My prawn cocktail.  Old fashioned iceberg lettuce at the bottom and cut up prawns into thirds to make a mouthful.  Homemade dressing.


Some of the tomatoes from this season – it’s a mix of heritage and more regular varieties.  They didn’t grow as big as they should have but tasted wonderful.  Still picking and eating.

BunniesAfter a bunny shoot one night.  Not exactly wild life – very much dead.

FoxA deceased fox.  We have had two wandering through the property for months.  Finally got one.  A friend has tanned the skin.

MagpiesKeeping the water up to our magpie family. They’re all fine and well.