Story by The Pig’s Arms cub reporter (Carlton United Breweries) and political communist  columnist Ray Deoshockjock

This photograph was taken Monday 31 July, 2017 in Martin Place Sydney.  How these good folk pitch tents on solid brick paving is beyond me, but good luck to them and their ingenuity

Not visible off the right of the photograph is their amenity block and kitchen where a formerly homeless chef prepares  free food out of his working hours.

On the left, is Australia’s Reserve Bank.

Behind the photographer on the prestigious Macquarie Street is the NSW Parliament Building, replete with security shed out the front.

And on TV last night was the unedifying spectacle of the NSW Premier Gladys Bokonon bagging out the Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Leaf for not removing these inconvenient reminders to a government with a multi-billion dollar surplus (ironically raised from a rapacious and grasping stamp duty (aka tax rip-off) – to sort out their fucking affordable housing policy and implement the damned thing.

Clover, in her inimitably reasonable co-operative style (full co-operation just short of actually doing anything) asserted that she lacked the power to remove the tents and their occupiers.  Hands clearly tied, shoulders hunched.  Mea definitely not culpa.

Then we had the NSW Housing Minister – now part of “Community Services” Poo Goward, doing a dressed-down impression of Cruella de Vile,  flashing her rat-like pointy teeth and saying, exasperated that “THESE PEOPLE had been offered temporary accommodation until they could find permanent accommodation – and spitting vitriol that they had not accepted the generous offer of 28 days’ respite” – off the street until they would be forced back out there.

The Rt Hon Minister for Housing the Poor was seething with anger that these inconvenient folks (aka her clients) were refusing to accept a bum deal.  It looked like she really wanted to smack them and send them home…. no wait, that’s not going to work……

So, clearly, patrons de la salle de porc, these are not real people with a serious inability to cope with the ridiculous Sydney rental prices.  These homeless people are a bloody inconvenience and an embarrassment.

Well, parliamentary representatives of the people of Sydney and NSW who would prefer to spend billions on new freeways that the residents of the Inner West absolutely do NOT want ……

Get off your fat arses and do something effective to help homeless people – and DO IT NOW !

This has been Ray Deoshockjock for the Pig’s Arms