Dear Patrons de la Salle de Porc,

Most of the time I am overwhelmed by the massive global turd fest and the powerful drive to right wing governments all over the fucking world.

FM and I have stopped watching the news on TV especially – which is what Germans would have done in the 1930s – if TV had been invented then. But I imagine with no knowledge of the topic that the presses were already polluted by the shit purveyed by our very own export fascist Merdeoch.

Fortunately some dude with a suspiciously kiwi accent has assembled a montage of Ken Loach and Stuart Lee putting to the sword the exceptionally difficult “fucked if you do, fucked if you don’t” issue of Brexit.

There is a brief reference from the narrator about some of Ken Loach’s work – that bears further exploration.

There, my friends, go at it !

Lots of fond regards