100th anniversary of the opening of the Bank of NSW in Wodonga – Mayor Stone and original stone laying party

In which Viv takes on the vicissitudes of the retail finance industry

Five years ago I wanted to transfer a large sum of money to my daughter for her wedding.  I went to my local branch and must have picked a day where I got the thickest person possible.  This is what happened when I told her what I wanted to do:

Bank woman: Do you have internet banking?

Me:  no.   (Me, thinks to herself, well der, if I did why would I fucking come here to do a transfer)

Bank woman: $30 fee to do transfer

Bank woman:  or $12 to do a bank cheque.  

Me – I wanted it done electronically.  I can write a cheque out anytime.

Bank woman:   I could give you $ CASH and you could walk over and up to ANZ bank in Lavington.

Me:   I might get mugged.

Me:  here is the account number and BSB details

Bank:    we need the address of the bank

Me:  somewhere in Wodonga

Bank:   have to have the street address.     I could give you cash ….. blah blah

Me:  I think I’ll just give my daughter a cheque after all.

(I now have internet banking.)