Intro Note by Emmjay

My Cousin Terry has been going through a tough patch recently and I was looking for a bit of mirth to cheer him up. I downloaded a bunch of gigs from some of my favourite comedians – Dylan Moran, Sean Lock (now the late Sean Lock), Bill Bailey, for example.

And I came across this masterclass by Dara O’Briain – from all the way back in 2006.

One of the people commenting underneath this YouTube video said they laughed so hard it hurt – and I concur. This is without a doubt bloody brilliant humour from a bloke clearly then – and now still at the top of his game. If there’s a Nobel Prize for making people laugh (and why should there not be ?). Dara O’Briain is head and shoulders above any other candidate.

Do yourself a favour in these shitty seemingly never ending Covid times… and have a look and listen to the great man.