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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

From the Pig’s Arm’s European Correspondent Ricardski

Editor’s Note: No vaccinations have been forced upon anyone in this post.

I hope all is well in Australia and Putin isn’t planning to invade.

Ed’s note – no, thankfully not immediately since Tony Abbott shirtfronted him. China, on the other hand is another matter, thanks to Mr Potato Head.

Luckily, the Ukraine has greatly improved its armed forces and military technology though it is not a member of NATO. I think Putin sees Biden as being weaker than Obama.

His absurd argumemt that Ukraine is Russian is liking saying Korea is Japanese. Ironically, millions of Ukrainians were deliberately starved to death in the early-1930s due to that other evil despot Stalin who actually murdered more people than Hitler. Thousands of Ukrainians joined the Waffen-SS in WW2 as they simply wanted to kill Bolseheviks not Jews.

The Baltic States and Poland are understandably nervous though they are all NATO members and the Parachute Regiment plus half the RAF are based in the Baltics.

My ex-next door neighbour’s parents were wealthy Lithuainians until the Soviets stole all their land from them. Her Grandparents spent the rest of their lives in a Gulag.

Meanwhile diplomatic relations between the UK and France are at their lowest point since the Napoleonic Wars. (same here in Australia, Ricardski… ed’s note)

Meanwhile fascism is growing in Hungary of all places as evidenced by the black-shirted buffoons who screamed abuse and monkey noises at England’s black players.

How Democracy Died in Hungary ……


All very depressing.

Cheers from the mother country,