Thanks for Nothing.......

Dear Dymocks Online Customer Service

I have been struggling with your online digital download facility since Thursday last week.

I ordered two books.   Lakatos downloaded

The other – Theories of Scientific Progress was the most important one for an history and philosophy essay due (now) in two days.  It stubbornly refused to download – and then your web download server went guts up and coughed error messages all over my screen.

I sent a message to online support last Friday.  No reply.

Yesterday I phoned George St – since there is no published online support call number.  They put me through to Charlie’s answering machine.

Four hours later Charlie phoned me and apologised.  I asked if he could simply Email me the PDF file that I have already paid for.  He said he would get back to me within one hour.

But there has been no return call and no resolution of the problem.

So I went back to the Email below and tried the link for the second download.

Miracle – it worked !

No.  Just kidding.  It downloaded the first book a second time.

Then I noticed that the link in your Email is the same for both files.


I will offer you two options:

1.  The preferred option.  Please send me the PDF today at the latest, or

2.  Cancel the transaction, refund the money and see the whole episode posted up on my website tomorrow.

You can find us at www.pigsarms.com.au

It’s a website for people who typically like to read books – we get between 300 and 600 visits a day.  We have had over 4,000 comments since we went live in May.

Over to you.

Mike Jones