Story by Emmjay

First published as a response to Gerard Oosterman

Trump said that “this is not the time to discuss gun control” – OK, no more ridiculous than all his other moronic rubbish, but that merely proves IMHO, the incredible power of the gun industry and the industrial military complex on the larger scale.

In the second amendment, granting permission to “bear Arms” – the key phrase is “well-regulated militia” – which it certainly isn’t. And to even think that a three hundred year old “get out” clause is still considered useful is stupid beyond belief – but apparently difficult to fix.

I don’t understand why enough Americans cannot challenge the amendment on the basis of the obvious failure of regulation of the militia and the right to bear arms through the US Supreme Court. The evidence against “well-regulated” lies in pools of blood all over the streets of America.

I have felt, since Bush got elected that we (i.e. the rest of the planet) are the unwilling witnesses to the decline of the American Empire – only temporarily slowed by the stymied Obama administration.

On one level, it’s good to see the downfall of such a profligate, massively ignorant and self-centred nation. But on another level one shudders to think what might replace it – a Putin dictatorship, or more likely a China first superpower – already building strategic military bases off shore and dragging its feet over effectively dealing with the other fuckwit de jour Kim Jun.

It’s small comfort to be so far away from the major players, but I do think that we should enjoy what’s left of Australia while we still can.