Snip from Emmjay

Hello Patrons de la Salle de Porc.

I was wondering, as I wiped my bum with the neighbour’s cat (this was for you, Hung) how it was that people who are sufficiently stupid to hoard (or is that horde ?) toilet paper could have landed on this as their primary issue in the pandemic.

So I consulted the Pig’s Arms Institute for Psychiatric Research and Two-up and they traced down the source of this fuckwittery.

So, for your edification, here’s their research finding. Not surprisingly, in the Post-Trumpian universe, it is rooted (literally) in America’s South – where apparently they have a lot of grid-down experience. This in itself explains quite a lot.

Astute patrons will notice the absence of food and beer in the survival kit.

Fucken genius…..